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Outstanding Features

Expandable support system

Designed to rest at the edge of the sink which helps with weight distribution when collecting water from the sink. Can also be used as a handle if required.

Full Jug illumination

Illumination of the jug acts as a reminder to the end user. Once kettle finishes its boiling process, the jug illuminates red when ready, yellow at medium temp and blue when cold.

Temperature control settings

Temperature control dial enables the user to set the kettle to a desired temperature. Instant heating – boils what is needed reducing energy waste, for better energy efficiency.

Ultra-fast water dispenser

Water dispenser ensures that only the  required amount of boiled water is used, reducing the water wastage caused by overfilling in existing kettles. 

Dual handle

Dual handle helps the user gain a better grip when using the jug. The boiling process does not occur in the jug at all, which reduces limescale build up unlike other kettles.

Up to 2 litres of water

Up to 2.5 litres of water allows prolonged usage without having to refill it throughout the day.

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