Urgos Team

Tarrall Yanzu BSc



Product Designer

Batsirai Muguti BSc



Digital Marketer

Mujeeb Falowo BEng



Electronic Engineer

The Project

The journey so far..

Urgos is a technology startup and our team is currently developing our invention, the Urgos Kettle. Which is an exciting new energy efficient kettle with the disabled in mind. Urgos began in 2015 as a project by its founder Tarrall Yanzu while he was at University. Tarrall studied product design technology and invented the Urgos kettle after his initial research into various problems that required a solution. The team then expanded to include it’s co-founders Mujeeb Falawo in 2015 and Batsirai Muguti 2016.

The project has since gone from strength to strength securing over £10 000 European Union funding and it’s a first angel investor. While also forming valuable partnerships with academic institution and highly reputable Medium to large scale corporations.

In January 2019 Urgos was granted its first patent by British intellectual property office(IPO) for the Urgos Kettle invention. Development of our first fully working prototype is already underway and the team is actively seeking additional angel investors for the project. Please visit our Urgos kettle page and image gallery for more information.

More about us

We believe that by following our objectives, our products will greatly benefit our intended consumers and this will help to build a solid foundation for urgos to be one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturing companies.

Our ambition as the Urgos team has and will always be to design products that are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to the masses.   There are no limits to our ambitions and we aspire to become a trusted household brand.